Next ace of the staff: Mejia, Wheeler, Harvey… or Familia?

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On the SNY talk shot “The Wheelhouse,” Mark Malusis said that Matt Harvey is the next ace of the Mets, and will become the ace in 2013. That actually brings up a great question: Who is the next ace of the Mets?

Down in the minor leagues, the Mets have three main candidates that could eventually take over for Johan Santana. Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jenrry Mejia, and Jeurys Familia all have high ceilings and could end up as an ace. Here is a case for all three of them:

Matt Harvey

Matt has shut down hitters in the minor leagues, going a combined 9-5 between Single-A St. Lucie, and Double-A Binghamton. He has a plus fastball and curveball, and is working hard to improve his below average changeup that could eventually separate him from the pack as he becomes a number one. Harvey was the seventh overall pick in the 2010 Amateur Draft. Matt tossed five scoreless last night for Binghamton to earn his first win since.

Zack Wheeler

Met fans don’t really know Zack Wheeler very well. He was just acquired in the Carlos Beltran trade from San Francisco. He doesn’t have the greatest “stuff,” but is a smart pitcher who can adjust his arm speeds in order to  get hitters out. He was also the top pitching prospect in the Giants organization, one that emphasizes pitching,  which really says a lot about the guy.

Jenrry Mejia

We’ve seen Jenrry. He is electric to say the least. Mejia is out for the season after tearing a ligament in his right elbow, requiring Tommy John Surgery.  He was origionally supposed to be a reliever, but was tried out as a starter before he got hurt and that will likely continue net year. He is only 21, so he still has a few years to convert to a starter and not get hurt.

Jeurys Familia

Familia is really the wild card in this whole situation. I think he is underrated and might have the highest ceiling out of the prospects listed here, but is also the biggest list. He is electric, even more than Mejia, with a high-90s fastball, and a curveball as good as Harvey’s if not better. He also has a changeup that he’s working on. He is young, just 21, and already pitching in Binhamton with Matt Harvey.

To read more about these prospects, click here.


I could see any of these pitchers developing into aces. The Mets have started to build a young core of pitchers that should be coming up soon. Omar Minaya didn’t really leave us with as big of a mess as we thought…

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