Is Daniel Murphy a trade chip?

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Murphy chillin' at the plate.


At 26, Daniel Murphy has proven himself a major league hitter. However, he hasn’t proven himself as a major league fielder. So, what should the Mets do with him? Do they actually have room in the outfield or infield to put him? Probably not, so why not think about trading him.

Although he is 26, Murphy is considered an improving player who has tremendous potential. Why can’t he be a DH. I know he isn’t a big power hitter like many other DHs, but he could definitely help a team like the Rays or he could be the future replacement for Bobby Abreu. There are just so many great situations for Murphy to go to, even when you look at just the AL.

Is he actually a valuable trade chip? Well I think so. He is a disciplined hitter who hits for a high average. How can a team not want that? He only has 20 career home runs, but other than that, he is a complete hitter. If you look at first baseman this season, which Murphy mostly was this season, Dan Murphy has the second highest Zcontact%. That probably means nothing to you right? Well, it’s an interesting statistic I found on Fan Graphs. It means the percentage of pitches thrown in the strike zone that you hit. It basically means Murphy is a very good contact hitter. (Guess who’s last? Adam Dunn.)

If the Mets were to put Murphy in a package with maybe one or two outfield and pitching prospects, they could make a deal for a big starting pitcher. Here is one that I could see going down:

Twins Get:                                                                                              Mets Get:

Daniel Murphy                                                                                          Francisco Liriano

Juan Urbina


That’s realistic, right? I think so. I actually think the Mets could get more for those players. Urbina is a top pitching prospect who has so much potential and Murphy is a very good every day player.

If the Mets can’t find a place for Murphy (i.e. if the Mets don’t get rid of Pagan and move Murphy to the outfield), then they could trade Murphy and get a decent starter in return. Why not?

Should Daniel Murphy be traded?

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Should Daniel Murphy be traded or is he too valuable? Let me know what you think. Comment below…

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