How the Mets could make a big splash in free agency… again

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After years and years of making just terrible moves in free agency and the trade market, the Mets get another fresh start with Sandy Alderson this winter.

Last year, when Sandy was hired to replace Omar Minaya, he was left with a mess that he couldn’t clean up for a year. He had to wait out a year before he could get anything done. The real test for Alderson is coming up in just a few months. Can Alderson make a big splash in free agency? Or, more importantly, can he do it effectively?

The Mets need Alderson to make the right moves and finally recover from this frenzy of terrible free agent signings. Signing Prince Fielder could earn Alderson the trust of ownership and Met fans.

I know it seems likely, but why not? Jose Reyes clearly can’t stay healthy for a full year. Why not bypass signing him and go straight to Fielder? He is a big guy who’s power can’t be contained by Citi Field. Th Mo’ Zone would be no match  for Prince. Plus, if you sign him, you could package Ike Davi, another hitter, and a pitching prospect for a top of the rotation pitcher. Then the Mets would have two good pitchers at the top of their rotation and a consistent power hitter in the cleanup spot.

Yes, this is a dream scenario, but it could happen.

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