Why the Mets need to keep Chris Capuano and R.A. Dickey

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Over the past few weeks, the Mets have been getting calls from teams about a trade for either Chris Capuano or R.A. Dickey. They have both pitched well this season, and have been solid throughout their Met careers. They could bring back a decent return to the Mets if traded, and the Mets could get some mid-level prospects.

However, there is no way the Mets should trade these two starters. Yes, you could get something decent in return, but they are just too valuable to let them go. I know this sounds very cliche, but pitching wins championships. Solid, consistent pitching is the most important ingredient in building a team and an organization. If you score eight runs, but your pitchers can’t hold the opponent, you can’t win games. The Mets haven’t had consistent pitching in a while and now they have it and they are supposed to give it up for a few prospects tat probably will never pan out? That’s crazy.

You may think I’m crazy, but I can prove that Capuano and Dickey have been consistent. Take a look at this:

  Starts Starts allowing less than 4 runs Percentage
Chris Capuano 19 11 58%
R.A. Dickey 20 12 60%
Mike Pelfrey 21 10 48%

Based on this season’s statistics, Dickey and Capuano both allow four runs or fewer 60% of their time, while the “ace” Mike Pelfrey, allows less than four runs in less than half of his outings.

Capuano and Dickey may not have the biggest upside, but for the next few years, they are the most consistent options. Maybe as Mejia, Familia, and Gee fully develop and prove their consistency, then the Mets should consider trading the two consistent veterans on their staff, but now is not the time. If you have to trade a starter, trade Pelfrey. Pelfrey is a symbol of inconsistency. Pelfrey was 10-4 in the first half last season, but 5-8 in this season’s first half. He had the potential to be an ace, but his time to develop has come and gone. There is no reason to keep him around.

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