Why K-Rod signed with Scott Boras

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Everyone always wants a good negotiator on their side, and that’s just what Francisco Rodriguez got yesterday when he signed Scott Boras, the most powerful man in baseball as his agent. Personally, I strongly dislike Scott Boras. I believe he is ruining baseball by getting these huge contracts for undeserving players, but anyway, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. K-Rod, of course, signed Boras to represent him in the coming offseason to get him a large contract, but he also may be using Boras to make sure his option for $17.5 million vests and he gets the money. If the Mets decide to keep Rodriguez and the Mets don’t let him finish 55 games, the MLBPA and Boras will file a huge grievance against the Mets and will likely win. Also, according to Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal on twitter, the signing of Boras may be an indicator that he will not accept a trade to a team on his ten-team no trade clause list. This was a list that K-Rod approved when he signed his three-year deal before the 2009 season. He can refuse a trade to any of the teams on his list.

Rodriguez officially confirmed earlier today that Boras is his agent.

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  1. Can you imagine making that kind of money?! I’m too tired to work out what the hourly wage would be. It would make me sick anyway.

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