The best time to trade Beltran has come and gone

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Just a few weeks ago, Carlos Beltran‘s stock was as high as ever. The All-Star was having a great season, earning an All-Star selection for the first time since 2008. It seemed very likely that the Mets were going to get a top prospect in exchange for Beltran.

Well, he still is having a great season. In fact, he is hitting .339 in July. However, in the past week or so, Beltran’s stock has been going down. B.J. Upton has come onto the market and is a cheaper alternative to Beltran. The Mets originally wanted to pay Beltran’s salary for the rest of the year so they could get a top prospect in return, but that plan seems to be falling by the wayside. The Mets asked for Dominic Brown from the Phillies, Mike Minor from the Braves, and top pitching prospect Zach Wheeler from the Giants, but heard a “no thanks” from all three teams. The Giants, Phillies, and Braves have both seemed to lose interest in Beltran this week, but Texas, Boston, and a few other longshots are still in the running. The Mets might now have to turn back to the Giants for San Francisco’s original offer, a low-level prospect in exchange for Beltran, except the Giants pay the approximate $6 million left on Beltran’s deal.

Here are three reasons why Beltran’s stock has fallen in the past week.

1. He’s only got one year left

Beltran is a valuable bat. It seems like he has at least a few productive years left in his career. He is a player who you want signed long-term when you trade for him. He could help a team for five years

2. You can’t sign him

He is a Scott Boras client. Enough said.

3. No draft picks

If a team can’t re-sign Beltran after trading him, they won’t get any compensation picks. Normally, you get one or more compensation draaft picks when you lose a player in free agency. Theoretically, if a team were allowed to offer Beltran arbitration and get picks, they could make up for the prospects they lost in the trade, while having a player that helped them down the stretch.

Here is an excerpt from today’s Jayson Stark article on Carlos Beltran:

What do you think is going to happen to Carlos Beltran? Will the Mets get a big return for him or will they go with the salary dump option. Leave your predictions in the comments section.

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 The trade has been completed! Click here for more.

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12 Comments on The best time to trade Beltran has come and gone

  1. BJ Upton can’t hit.  If a GM trades for him, it will be just for late inning defense.  If you think he’s gonna help your team with his .227 batting average, ownership will fire you after the last day of the season.   

    • I’m not the one who said he is a better option. He is an alternative that some GMs think is a better value. I disagree because as you said, he’s hitting .227.

  2. Trade him to SF Giants for a player to be named later.

  3. You look dumb now don’t you?

  4. Riccardino // July 27, 2011 at 4:07 pm // Reply


  5. this is dumb. there is no way he will return to the shitty mets if hes given a chance to sign with a top tier team. if the giants get him i have no doubt that he will be theirs for years to come. 

    • I know it’s very rare that this kind of thing happens. It probably won’t but a lot of people have said it is in the realm of possibility

      • I would be inclined to agree that it’s in the realm of possibilities. The Mets seem to have developed a good core of young players, with a manager who really knows HOW to manage a game. They may be a very exciting team and it’s what Carlos Beltran signed on for originally — a shot at the top in New York. However, the Mets are still building and may be a couple of years away from a legitimate shot at the post season. Carlos Beltran wants to play for a team that’s there and his bat, defense and speed can help bring rings.

        Personally, I agree with the assessment because the closer you get to the deadline, the more likely the team looking to trade will settle for less. However, in this situation, the Giants decided they can part with a pitcher 2-3 years from the majors. And as you pointed out, Beltran is getting hot again.

        • Yeah, I think both sides won. The Giants are pushing hard to repeat and the Mets are pushing hard to build for the future. So far, I think they’re doing a decent job.

    • It’s unlikely, but he loves New York

  6. According to an article by Jayson Stark, the Mets had previously asked for Wheeler and they had said no but caved today apparently

  7. If you’ve been paying any attention to the situation, you would know that this trade was very unlikely a few days ago.

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