Starting Over: Who will be the first to be traded by Sandy Alderson?

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As the trade deadline approaches, we are all wondering whi the Mets will trade and when they will be traded. Here is who I think will be traded first.

1. Francisco Rodriguez- That ominous vesting option is approaching and the Mets have to act now. K-Rod has 33 games finished, just 22 away from the number required for him to make $17.5 million next season. Each day he finishes a game, he becomes less attractive to a contender. He will definitely be the first Mets player to go.

2. Jason Isringhausen- He is a ticking time bomb. Isringhausen is 38 years old and could get hurt at any time. If the Mets were to trade him now, maybe they could get something back in return before something bad happens.

3. Carlos Beltran- This iss going to be a tough one. Carlos is on pace for over 100 RBI, and could help an AL contender as a DH. He still has some power, and he is still a very good run producer. The Mets will have to “eat” most of his salary, but they may be able to get a mid-level prospect for him. He is one of the more valuable pieces the Mets have right now, and they probably aren’t going to waste an opportunity to boost their farm system, even if it takes them out of contention.


What do you think? Who do you think the Mets are going to trade? Click the article title and then scroll down to the comments section to tell everyone who you think the Mets will trade.

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