Mets send Beltran and cash for Wheeler

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According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, the Mets have agreed to a trade with the Giants, sending Carlos Beltran to the Giants with a reported $4 million in exchange for top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler. Wheeler was the sixth overall pick in the 2009 draft, the top pick by the Giants. In the pre-2011 Baseball America top prospects list, Wheeler was 55th overall.

Sandy Alderson has apparently been going after Wheeler for weeks, but the Giants realized that their offense wasn’t going to cut it (as if it wasn’t obvious), so they gave in and gave the Mets Wheeler. Wheeler is 7-5 in high-A San Jose this season, with a 3.99 ERA in 16 starts.

Overall, this trade is going to work out for the Mets. They don’t need Beltran because they aren’t in contention, and they got a great prospect in return.

Visit Zack Wheeler’s player page here.

Updated at 7:19:

Here is an excerpt from yesterday’s article by Jayson Stark, proving that the Mets had heard a “no” from the Giants about Zach Wheeler a few days ago:

I wasn’t just making it up. Click the picture above to see the full article.

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3 Comments on Mets send Beltran and cash for Wheeler

  1. “The Mets asked for Dominic Brown from the Phillies, Mike Minor from the Braves, and top pitching prospect Zach Wheeler from the Giants, but heard a “no thanks” from all three teams.”

  2. That’s the point – the Mets waited, the Giants got desperate.  So your earlier posting was premature AND incorrect.  Word to the wise – you can never tell about trades until the moment of the deadline.  You’ll learn sonny.

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