Jose… where are you?

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When Jose Reyes got an MRI on Sunday, Mets fans were assured that the injury was minor, and that Reyes will be back some time this week. Now, it appears that Reyes is headed to the DL, according to Adam Rubin. What does this mean for the Mets? Well, it makes the next two to three weeks very important. If the Mets are playing well around the trade deadline, GM Sandy Alderson will not “blow up” the team because they have a chance at the playoffs. With Reyes hurt, it seems more likely that the Mets will start trading away some of their big trade pieces like Carlos Beltran and Francisco Roidriguez, while they still have value on the market. If players want to stay in New York for the rest of the season, they better play really well these next two weeks and keep the Mets in playoff contention.

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