It has begun… or has it?

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With the Mets trade of K-Rod last night, it appears that the Mets may be beginning the inevitable ripping apart of the team, but hold on, have they?

Let’s face it, the K-Rod deal had to happen. The trade deadline is approaching, and day by day, as he finishes more and more games, his value was dropping quickly. The Mets were not going to sit back and watch one of their biggest trade pieces lose most of his value in a desperate move to reach the playoffs to reach the playoffs. No one was going to take Rodriguez from the Mets if he had already finished 40 or 45 games. In fact, they really should have explored this option earlier. K-Rod should have been gone in May in order to bring back more for the farm system. The Mets can choose almost any prospect from the Brewers, but their system is terrible. On Baseball America’s top 100 Prospect list, there are no Brewers prospects. Anyway, you get my point. They are getting a bag of balls and a rosin bag in return for Rodriguez, but it had to be done. They are dumping a huge amount of payroll money and only paying the Brewers about $5 million AND getting a few OK prospects in return.

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In an ESPN New York article published earlier today, Sandy Alderson directly says that this will not be a chain reaction. That this was a seperate situation (which it was) and that the Mets are not going to start trading off everyone because they still want to win. He also said in his press conference today that the next ten days to two weeks will determine the fate of trade chips on the Mets. I totally agree. I also believe this was the right move for the Mets to make.

Earlier today, Matthew Cerrone wrote on Mets Blog that there is no reason why the Mets should pay a pitcher that throws 70 innings $17.5 million no matter how good he is.

Who will be next? Will there be a next? The only way to know is to wait and see.



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