First Half Awards

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Here are my Mets first half awards:

MVP: Jose Reyes

This one is obvious. Jose has been a force this season, hitting an NL-leading .354. Reyes is also leading the league in hits (124,) runs (65,) and triples (15.) Jose could actually win the league MVP this season. He is having a season for the ages, and must be recognized for it.

Biggest Surprise: Dillon Gee

After going 2-2 last year in five starts with the Mets, Dillon Gee started out this season 8-0 and was the last starting pitcher in the majors to lose a game. Gee has great control and a very good changeup. He has cooled down slightly, but is still 8-3 with a 3.76 ERA. Did I mention he’s just 25?

Most Improved: Jon Niese

Niese has always been expected to be a fourth or fifth starter in his career, but has risen to another level. Niese has shown that he could be a number two starter for the Mets for years to come. Niese is 8-7 this season with a 3.73 ERA.

Biggest disappointment: Jason Bay

Jason Bay’s career has hit rock bottom with the Mets in just about one full season. He has hit less than fifteen total home runs in about 160 games, well below what was expected of him. Bay was a decent power hitter before coming to New York, hitting over 30 home runs in four different years with the Pirates and Red Sox.

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