David Wright is on fire

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Before this weekend, David Wright hadn’t played a game with the Mets since May 15 with a stress fracture in his back. He was really struggling when he was with the Mets early in the season, hitting like Jason Bay, with a .226 average, six home runs, and 18 RBI. Not much was expected from the 28 year-old third baseman came back.

Since coming back, he has played like the old David Wright, a hitter who hits balls all over the field and drives in runs for a high average, hitting .429 in 14 at-bats since coming back. He also has six RBI and a home run.

Now, I’m not saying we finally have the David Wright of 2006-2007 back, but it looks like a possibility. It’s only been three games, but “Ya gotta believe,” right?

My prediction: David will strike out less and hit for a .305 average for the rest of the season.

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