Carlos’ last home game?

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Beltran on May 29 against the Phillies

Carlos Beltran may have played his last game at Citi Field today against the Cardinals, and it seemed like everyone knew it. In his last At-Bat, Carlos got a big standing ovation, well as big of an ovation as ten people can give. It seems increasingly likely, with the Mets falling out of contention, that Beltran will be gone before the July 31st trade deadline. However, there was some talk today that Beltran and Sandy Alderson had both said that they may be willing to re-sign with the Mets after this season, even if he’s traded. Is that just desperation by the media covering the Mets? Is that realistic?  If I were Sandy Alderson, I really would consider signing him. He’s only 34, and still producing on a high level. If he is willing to sign for $6-7 million for one or two years, he will be cheap for the production, and Alderson would likely take a run at him. Why not right?

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