Carlos Beltran has defied the odds and produced for the Mets

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Early in spring training, Carlos Beltran was looking like a player who could miss half the season. He hurt one knee, and then hurt the other because he was using it too much to make up for the first injury.Terry Collins took it very slow with Beltran, only playing him in three spring games. He was slow and didn’t look like a major league outfielder.


It was announced last Sunday that Carlos Beltran has made the All-Star team. Beltran has been a force for the Mets, playing in 87 of the team’s 89 games, hitting 13 home runs with 58 RBI. Beltran has also been clutch this year for the Mets, hitting .314 with two outs and runners in scoring position this year.


The switch from center field to right field has really halped Beltran stay healthy and productive this season. Beltran has had 143 defensive chancez (putouts+assists+errors)} in 80 games in right field this season, compared to 208 in three fewer games in center field last season. He isn’t running, diving, or sliding as much to make catches and isn’t at such a high injury risk any more.

Beltran has also struck out looking much less this season. Of all his strikeouts, 18% of them are looking, his lowest percentage of his career.

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