3 reasons why Carlos Beltran is worth a top-tier prospect

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The Mets, who are currently taking offers for Carlos Beltran, are reportedly holding out for a top-tier prospect in exchange for the 34 year-old slugger who is in the final year of a seven-year, $119 million deal. There are three big reasons why Carlos deserves to be traded for a top prospect, and here they are:

1. He’s just better

There is no doubt that Beltran is the best outfielder currently on the market. Some teams may pass on him for the Jeff Francoeurs and Josh Willinghams of the world, but they won’t even come close to the production that Beltran can bring to the table. Beltran is hitting .285 with 13 home runs. That’s better than most outfielders on the market right now. On top of that, he still has some speed, he is a smart player, and he is a team leader. He is just the best option for any team looking to upgrade their outfield near the upcoming trade deadline.

2. Versatility

There was some talk during spring training that when Beltran is traded, it will be to an AL team who is looking for a DH. However, he has definitely proven that he can still play in the field at a high level. Beltran only has one error in right field this year, his only error in the past two seasons. Beltran has shown that an NL team could pick him up and put him in the outfield without having to worry.

3. Experience

Beltran has been a monster throughout his career in the post season. He has a .366 lifetime batting average in the post season with eleven home runs in just 22 games. He could be the big bat that pushes a contender to the top in October.


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